Offshore Living Accommodation

Here in the OILC branch we were intrigued to hear allegations recently of some companies actually installing a 3rd pull down bed in some cabins. We know that companies are looking to exploit the use of existing third bunks, but we have to question the retrospective fitting of third bunks and need to know about this. Even more intriguing was talk of a ‘swivel bunk’, or 'reverseable' bunk! Just to make sure that there is no such mythical contraption in use and it is perhaps just ‘rig talk’ we need your help. 

Our officials are trying to get offshore and visit installations but the opportunity hasn't materialised as yet so we have to rely on you the men and women out there to get the evidence we need.  To fight for you and resist the attack on your living conditions offshore we need to be armed with facts,  so please try to help us to help you.  As always with the OILC everything you share with us will be held in the strictest confidence.