COTA 2010 / 11 Negotiations Commence

The telephone referendum is closed, the result of which is that negotiations on the 2010/11 pay round has now commenced in earnest.

Paid holidays as per the WTD will be part of the negotiations.

Please be advised that the result of the phone ballot was:

For accepting the pay freeze for 2009 / 10 = 57%

Against accepting pay freeze = 43%

The referendum/ballot on the 2009-10 pay freeze proposal was completed on Friday 21st May and, like the OCA engineering and UKDCA drilling workers, the caterers have reluctantly and narrowly agreed to accept the status-quo on their terms and conditions for that period.

There will be NO SUCH SETTLEMENT for the 2010-11 period. Negotiations have begun this week with the unions and their Shop Stewards delivering a demand which calls for increases on wages, travel, redundancy, delay payments, xmas/new year working and more, plus discussing the possible introduction of paid leave for those who currently don't have any entitlement. News and information about the progress of these talks and any proposals will be posted here as and when it becomes available. 

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