EiE 11: Sept 2010

The September edition of Enough is Enough includes an update on the COTA wage negotiations as well as members' letters. You may read it here on the website or download the PDF version.

COTA Update

Members rejected the COTA offer by over 70% of members voting. As this edition of EiE goes to the press we are awaiting feedback from the employers indicating whether or not an improved offer will be made. If an offer is forthcoming, we will recall our joint Shop Stewards negotiating team and meet with the employers to discuss any offer. If there is no offer forthcoming, we will have to move directly to ballot for industrial action. Read on ...

Win — But Lose!

Get covered ‑ or you're on your own!

0ver the last few months we have seen a rapid increase in the number of phone calls we're getting from non-members looking for representation at disciplinary and grievance hearings. It's no good thinking that RMT/OILC is here and we can bail you out of a sticky situation when the time comes by turning up on the day and paying your first ever contribution, WE CAN'T. Offshore workers who need to start looking at themselves and how they or their families would cope if trouble hits.

Salamis Slavery

John's recollections of his life as as slave:

Now that I have retired I get plenty of time to think about the past. It amazes me that I spent thirty years in the North Sea, the last fourteen as a slave (not employee) to Salamis. It's a pleasure to at last sign my name without fear of reprisals ...

John Lafferty ex‑scaff, ex‑slave, ex‑dogsbody, but still a trade unionist.

NRBd and Angry

LETTER from Angry Member No. M0106232

I was recently down manned/NRB'd off the Ninians. The OIM apparently overheard me saying that the catering and accommodation standards were not as good as those on BP installations.


Please respect your rail colleagues (and throw in some self-respect while you are at it!).

The Offshore Energy Branch has had some complaints from our colleagues in the Railway Section regarding the behaviour of some offshore workers travelling to and from Aberdeen.

Offshore Energy Branch Secretary

Thinking of Steve

LETTER from OILC Offshore Energy Branch/Secretary

Steve Wright [Welder] on the JW Mclean is currently undergoing a gruelling 24week course of chemotherapy treatment. We will watch how Steve progresses with his treatment over the coming weeks and months, and any practical support that RMT/OILC can give will be considered by the Branch.


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LETTER from Member No. M0104379

Injured? Bend over so I can kick your..

Anyone who has worked offshore over the decades knows that the most serious incidents are hushed up as much as possible. Many caterers that I know (including myself), now simply purchase their own blue plasters at home and carry them with them at all times!!


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Forties Rota

LETTER from member no. M0112092

Forties field are to remain on a 2on/2off rota for 2011. An email from our company was read out at yesterdays morning meeting advising us so!!

Stand up!!

LETTER from Member M0104288

Stand up for yourselves for Ch****s sake. As a recently retired North Sea worker, it is with great sadness and dismay that I read in Blowout and Enough is Enough, about the deterioration of conditions to the work force and cut backs to the workforce. It takes me back very clearly to pre Piper Alpha days, God please prove me wrong but the warning signs are there. A disgruntled workforce plus cutbacks in safety and a lack of maintenance on ageing platforms is a recipe for a disaster.

Branch Meeting

Monday 20th September 1pm at Café Dag Aberdeen

Attendees will have the chance to question our Regional Organiser, Jake Molloy, who heads up the COTA negotiating team. Please make the effort to come along, and if you travel we can look to pay reasonable expenses.


UK offshore operators have been reminded by the Health and Safety Executive to take steps to prevent the spread of legionella in water systems on offshore installations. Legionalla causes Legionnaires' disease, which is a potentially deadly form of pneumonia which could kill you! Apparently there are about 300 to 500 reported cases of Legionnaires' disease each year in the UK as a whole.

Is your installation past its sell by date?

Gas Leaks

Safety watchdog in Norway warns operators number of leaks has started to creep upwards again and the PSA wants this trend reversed.

Brae Alpha

Marathon had until the end of July to sort out safety issues on its Brae Alpha related to the condition of stairways and walkways. The company was told by HSE that cladding on two stair wells was in a poor condition and this was putting workers at risk.

Senate Indicts

Shocking Indictment of Oil Majors: Congressman sums up his views of an industry that for too long has been under investing in Safety. The facts and the figures that Congressman Markey uncovered should ring alarm bells.

'Stripped' of income

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The latest to join the long list looking to sue BP is the 'Mimosa Dancing Girls Strip Club' in New Orleans. The proprietors claim that the Deepwater Horizon spill has crippled their business as oil workers and fishermen who would normally frequent the club can no longer afford to take in a show.

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Dirty Tricks

Oil companies can manipulate the media and dupe the public by setting up fronts or supporting groups from a distance. Having put the 'smoke and mirrors' in place, big oil can then set about conning people into thinking they are supporting a good cause.

Accountability? — SCREW YOU!

Ordinary offshore workers are being disciplined on a daily basis for alleged breaches of safety policies or procedures and trumped allegations are brought to justify disciplinary action on the basis of safety. Accountability? Deep Water Horizon tragedy; 11 men are dead, a multi‑million dollar rig destroyed, the biggest environmental disaster possibly of all time. Accountability? ‑ the man in charge walks away with £1 million salary banked, millions of pounds worth of shares, a £10 million pension‑pot while workers with young families find their offshore careers ended 'accountable' for alleged breaches of minor (if any) health and safety procedure! Accountability? Screw you, more like!

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