Dirty Tricks

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Oil companies can manipulate the media and dupe the public by setting up fronts or supporting groups from a distance. Having put the 'smoke and mirrors' in place, big oil can then set about conning people into thinking they are supporting a good cause. We've got a great deal of experience in their tactics, we've had to deal with them for years. But for the average punter, and now a few 'celeb' types, the reality of how some oil companies act is only just beginning to hit home.

Recently in America, in the wake of the Deep Water Horizon tragedy, a campaign video entitled "Be the One" appeared on screens across the country urging viewers to sign up to a petition calling on the US Government "restore the gulf" and make good all the damage caused by the spill. All good and well you might think and several celebrities signed up to appear in the video, including Sandra Bullock, Lenny Kravitz and John Goodman. Each of the celeb's and all those who took the trouble to sign up to the petition clearly thought they were supporting a just cause, or at least they did until they found out who might behind the video and petition ‑yes you've got it ‑ BIG OIL! 

The video lasts for under two minutes with the recurring catch line of, "Be the One" and it asks every American to sign up and support the call for government intervention. And there's the con, because it's what the video doesn't say that is the real trick. The petition is effectively asking for the government to use taxpayer's money to get the job done, thereby saving the oil companies from fronting the cost! The average 'Joe' is therefore signing up to something which is eventually going to come out of his pocket!

Sandra Bullock's agent said that at no time was the actress made aware of any organisation or oil company that may be behind the campaign, and she has withdrawn her support for the video. Big oil argues it's nothing to do with them, they only 'sponsor' the group that came up with the idea of the video.

Of course we all know a bit of sponsorship doesn't give you the ability to influence anything ‑right? No, wrong, remember the old saying 'you get nothing for nothing in this world', never a truer word was spoken when applied to 'big oil'.

So it looks like the public may at last be seeing what we the offshore troops have seen and known about for years ‑ cover ups, distortion of the truth, lies, damned lies and statistics. Yes America, it's time to wake up and smell the ‑ gasoline!

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