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LETTER fro member no. M0112092

Hot off the press is the great news that the caterers in the Forties field are to remain on a 2on/2off rota for 2011. An email from our company was read out at yesterdays morning meeting advising us so!!

Thankfully Apache and our employer Entier have seen sense, as the vast majority of caterers in Forties have no interest in a 3onl3off rotation. As Jake Molloy predicted last year, the few "easily duped" that did opt for a 3onl3off rota, in return for an 'Apache uplift payment' have been told they will lose their uplift for 2011 and they have the option to revert back to 2on-2off!!

Let this be a warning to all those in future who put the lure of an extra few bucks before a common sense decision. The majority of 'experienced' caterers took the view that the extra bucks would be taken back off them as soon as possible, and probably sooner if they had managed to get everyone to change over!!! We know how this industry works, we've been around it for a while and long enough to know you get nothing for nothing!

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