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Please respect your rail colleagues (and throw in some self-respect while you are at it!).

The Offshore Energy Branch has had some complaints from our colleagues in the Railway Section regarding the behaviour of some offshore workers travelling to and from Aberdeen. We're pretty sure it won't involve our members, so we'd ask you to pass this to the 'most likely suspects'. Drunkenness and the abuse of conductors and catering staff is the main issue of complaint, so we'd like to ask all offshore workers to refrain from this sort of behaviour when travelling on our rail network. The vast majority of offshore workers are civilised, well behaved people, but the odd one or two let down their colleagues by acting like drunken yobs.

The Offshore Energy Branch accepts that after a long and hard trip you need to wind down and chill‑out. A beer or two will help with this, so it's completely understandable you might have a couple to relax. However, we condemn the sort of behaviour that leads to rail workers being verbally abused or worse still assaulted, and we ask our members to intervene if they suspect such behaviour is taking place. Many of the conductors and train crew are RMT members and they, like you, should not have to tolerate this sort of behaviour from passengers. As fellow union members our rail colleagues would be more than willing to support you, their offshore colleagues, if you were subjected to verbal or physical abuse, so why not support them?

Offshore Energy Branch Secretary

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