Thinking of Steve

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LETTER from OILC Offshore Energy Branch/Secretary

Steve Wright [Welder] on the JW Mclean

The Offshore Energy Branch has been informed that Steve has been diagnosed with a serious illness. He is currently undergoing a gruelling 24week course of chemotherapy treatment. The treatment process is both long and painful and will destroy his immune system it also requires him to have constant family support during this period.

As a show of support from his colleagues on the rig they have taken the decision to donate £1000 from their welfare budget. Further to that colleagues are submitting personal donations to assist Steve and his family through these difficult times.

The Offshore Energy Branch commends the workers on the JW McLean for supporting their work colleague; we would also like to extend our best wishes to Steve.

We will watch how Steve progresses with his treatment over the coming weeks and months, and any practical support that RMT/OILC can give will be considered by the Branch.

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