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I managed to get off my Talisman installation yesterday and want to bring to your attention just a couple of points that are worthy of note. Our flight was checking in at BRISTOWs at 06.30hrs, but it did not arrive out here until 15.40hrs (as usual no info re what was the delay, so much for new briefings!). We heard a rumour that the BRISTOWs chopper pilots were refusing to fly, but Scotia and Bond flew a lot earlier?????? Also, the troops got no help re their Medication?

Some of them ran out of medication 3 or 4 days after they were due off, but when they reported it to the medic, all they got was a lecture on how their medication and their health is their responsibility!!!!!! It was duly pointed out to him that when we check in our medication is taken from us and given to the offshore medic, yet he says it's nothing to do with him!!!!

And just to top it all, a Top knob from Talisman came out to the rig on the Wednesday just before the delays started. He also ran out of medication, but they ordered stuff to be sent out on the next available boat for him, without even thinking to ask the rest of the crew if they had any medication requirements!!

The behaviour of some of these people in authority, people that should be leading by example, just beggars belief. There a lot of unanswered questions out there.

Regards, M0104762

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