Cheapskate Bastards

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ESS are tightening the belts and we had talk with Facilities Manager last time out, and he informed us all that Compass Group where looking to save 5% in the Shell business as a whole and are asking us (The Poor Grafters) for ideas on ways to do that! (what a laugh) Not only are they not giving us pay rise but asking us where we can save even more money so that they (biggest catering outfit anywhere) can make even more profit.

ESS took over Shell contract about 2 years ago from Universal Sodexho and promised that products used by them (Mackie's ice cream, LUX soaps, Andrex toilet paper etc - all the brand named products) would be included in budget and would not be compromised during term of contract OOPS change of mind, THEY ARE NOW going back to mass buying of cheapest brands possible- because of the current ‘Credit Crunch', we will now be using newspaper to wipe our bums (HA- AGHH) Well maybe not! But not far from it!

 It never fails to amaze me the pure brass neck of these companies. Asking the troops at the front line, to leave off the bullet proof vests (too expensive) and use the shite bullets that cost less so that the top brass has more cigars and port at the Christmas do!

(Excuse the sarcasm) Although I don't know why this year should be any different to all the others I have worked offshore ...(l9yrs) You hear the same sob story every time... it just so happens there is a credit crunch to blame now, I have never been in the situation where Management have told staff,

"Well done we made profits last year so much so that we will be giving you a wage increase above inflation rates and a bonus for making us money this year..."

Oh no! Because that will eat into the budget for next year and we will not make so much of a profit (which will be counted as a loss). Some office clerk in accounts will be getting the boot!

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