HSE Warns Shell

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SHELL has been issued with an Improvement Notice after the legionella bacteria was found in 10 samples of drinking water in the same year on its Clipper 48/19A platform UKCS.

The samples were taken on seven different days and submitted by SHELL for analysis under its normal water management system. Shell were quoted in one paper as saying 'no-one had become ill and operations were unaffected'.

It's very comforting to know that no-one became ill and even more comforting to hear that operations weren't affected - right! No, it's not, it's frightening to think you could go to your work and potentially suffer serious ill-health or even death, and not from any gas leak, fire or explosion, but from drinking a glass of water before heading to bed! It is a downright disgrace that we should still be suffering cases of this nature in this day and age, and the HSE should throw the book at SHELL.

When issuing the Improvement Notice the Health & Safety Executive said that Shell had failed to implement adequate control measures. The HSE gave Shell until 30 June to comply with the notice.

And while we're on the subject of water and Improvement Notices, we also dug this one up: Clyde Platform/ Talisman Improvement Notice

Control measures for potable water and risk of legionella - You have failed to implement adequate control measures within your potable water system to prevent and/or control the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria to workers on the Clyde platform, as per the findings listed in reports dated 4-8 January 2008 and 2-5 February 2010 where you were found to have an unsatisfactory risk management and control process for Legionella.

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