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I'm on the Brent Alpha. I would like to tell you about the food cuts here now. We were told the budget for food was getting cut, it wasn't a drastic cut. The camp boss said £4.00 a man but I can't confirm that. But for the last 5 trips we are constantly running out of food. A lot of times we are down to the last drop. We took containers of food up onto platform from the boat.

After 1 day there was no milk no cheese no juice, ketchup, hp - none. We had chicken just about every day, as there was nothing else. This is happening on a regular basis. The excuse from the camp boss is that his back to back forgot to put an order in. The chef says he is embarrassed about it.

It has been brought up at welfare meetings. The OIM has been informed about it and nothing is done. It seems to cause bickering in the crews. Not a great advert for life offshore as regards stress. The people on the Brent Alpha are getting right fed up. You are better fed in a prison.

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