Heads are down

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Will RMT/OILC be in the negotiations for the 2010 pay and conditions, or are we still lumbered with the useless GMB and UNITE? I think this is a stumbling block for getting more members out here. I am suffering a bit of bad moral at the moment, but not for long as the job is coming to an end. As for how many bodies in the union out here? - not many - maybe a handful. E is E goes up on the notice boards but they soon disappear. I don't know whether someone's taking it for a read or management is taking it down. I think the problem on here is that the core crew workers are on a decent salary and the rest can go and f---k, and recently the platform has just changed hands and changes are imminent (cost cutting?) and they are all frightened for their jobs. Hope this is of some interest to the rest of the workforce offshore.

Signed: Member M0106679

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