Impotent bullshitters

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An offshore worker's "open" letter to Wullie Wallace, Unite officer in charge of offshore.

Dear Wullie,
Hoping you can clarify some points in regards to this yea's OCA pay negotiations. Having read a copy of the letter that you circulated, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed.

1. What is the total number of UNITE members who responded to the 'consultative ballot'?

2. Unite say they were prepared to support industrial action. How can this be done when you are signed up to a NO DISRUPTION CLAUSE with the OCA?

3. 'We will continue to put pressure on the employers at the negotiating table'. What type of pressure can you apply when you have conceded that you will not take industrial action?

4. 'A strong and vibrant union, with active members, is the best means of achieving better pay and conditions'. RMT/OILC already have this. Are UNITE prepared to step down from the OCA and let an offshore union negotiate?

Signed RMT Member 0106185 (ex Amicus shop steward).

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