OCA: Deal or No Deal?

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Members have been sending in copies of the Memo put out by the OCA regarding the OCA Partnership Agreement for 2010-11. In the memo OCA talk about "offers" and "proposals" but then you get the line in bold writing that states; "The following increase in rates and allowances will take effect from 1st April 2010 and remain in force until 31st March 2011;"

'Take effect'?? So is it an offer, or a proposal, or are OCA imposing this increase on us? As this EiE goes to press we're not sure, but the Regional Organiser has been asked to contact the partner unions to try and find out and we'll get a report from him in the next Blowout. The reason we're not sure is some members of Unite and GMB have been in touch to say they are getting balloted on this offer?

So if there's a ballot running, how can OCA say the increases will 'take effect' from April 1st? And on the subject of the offer, (if it is an offer!); the memo says Cat B rates will increase from £16.27 per hour to £16.58. To save you all reaching for the calculators, that works out at an increase of 1.9%. So after a pay freeze year and a year when all enhancements, uplifts and bonus payments were wiped out meaning anything between a 10% and 20% cut for most, we get offered 1.9% when the inflation rate is running higher than 3.2% - unbelievable! What's the price of oil right now?

And what about the fact some of the operators are still blocking OCA holiday rights of 4-weeks? Check out our web site at; www.oilc.org where we will inform members of the facts and figures of this deal as soon as we get them.

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