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I started on the Alba in July in a long-term ad-hoc position, and asked my company, PSN, why it is that guys who are on the Chevron platforms working for PSN, are getting day rates, whereas I would be getting paid hourly. My company did not give reasons why, only that this came into effect in May of this year. I wasn't best pleased so I tried to take this up through the chain to my Construction Manager on the beach. He agreed that this undermined the lads who started after May. To that end, there was nothing he could do as this was set in stone confirmed by HR.

To add insult to this, in September I received a phone call at home on my field break informing me, that I was on my 30-day notice as Chevron were reducing the construction campaign right across all the Chevron assets, reducing the workforce by some 20 personnel.

On return to the platform a week later, I was told by colleagues that guys going off the platform, had been informed just 30 minutes before, via a conference call from my company, that PSN were also on their 30 days notice.

In the meantime, my company had to find me suitable work elsewhere. So a few weeks later they asked if I would like to attend an interview for work commuting from Norwich. I was quite taken aback - an interview for a job when I already work for the company? I could understand if it was for a position in authority, but for working on the tools? Come on!

Nevertheless I went to the interview at which I was informed that I was unsuccessful for the job. Reasons were not given in the letter. To that end I am disgusted by the depths PSN are now stooping to, and the way they are treating their staff. Companies are more and more using this recession as an excuse to cut cost and trim everywhere.

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