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Now safest time to fly in helicopter says Oil Executive: a quote from Mr Bob Keiller chairman of the Oil & Gas UK's helicopter taskforce group.

Who is this guy trying to kid? The latest on the Scatsa S-92 fleet update, after finding cracks and failures on the gearbox mounting feet, is that bolts have been found to be sheared.

Bristows have now confirmed that due to a rigorous application of Sikorsky's enhanced inspection regime, a hairline crack was detected in the gearbox foot of an S-92 after 5 hours flying. Now I ask you how safe is the S-92.

This is the same Mr Bob Keiller who is chief executive of PSN who are signatories of the present OCA agreement, and who are at present attacking our 4 weeks holidays now reduced to 3 weeks on the Ninian & Murchison.

Signed: Not Convinced

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