Salamis Slicing

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You will travel when we say!

Yet again Salamis are leading the way with the latest attack on your terms and conditions, and yes that's the terms and conditions that are supposed to comply with the OCA Agreement!

Previously we've seen the use of Temporary Lay-off where workers receive nothing while stood down at home. More recently the company has deducted money from personnel which is at a rate that's higher than what you can earn! (No we're not joking, and this is still going on) We've seen the refusal to honour the 4-week paid leave provisions of the OCA agreement, and now they are launching an attack on Travel and Accommodation payments! The announcement from Stalag Salamis is; profitability has reduced and we must increase it. So, they have to find ways of making more money for the share holders, and guess who's going to
pay? You've got it, it's YOU!

The company intends to reduce travel costs by booking rail travel for employees through "". Employees will be expected to get to their nearest station, use a credit or debit card in a ticket machine using a reference number provided by the company, then print off their ticket. This ticket will be for a train on a "fixed departure time" but being reasonable people the return part will be flexible! In our opinion this is a recipe for disaster and we are already anticipating significant numbers of disciplinary hearings for missing trains, or else grievances where workers are forced to pay large penalties for being on the wrong train. For those not using this system, they will receive the price equivalent of a ticket from their nearest station! In short, a quick way to reduce your travel expense payments.

We think this is wrong and have therefore compiled a letter of grievance for all Salamis members to send to their HR Manager. Let's fill up their desks with so much paperwork they'll need a crane to move it. The OCA Agreement states you should receive - "travel vouchers or paid Standard Saver Fares between the employer's onshore base and the railway station nearest their home..." The tickets from are NOT the equivalent of this, therefore you will receive less than what has been agreed. Not only that, the company will dictate when you travel!!! Get your letter away today, it reads-

I wish to register a grievance regarding the company's proposal to alter existing travel expenses. I believe this proposal con tr OCA Agreement provisions and may breach my existing terms and conditions. I would appreciate your making the necessary arrangements for a hearing to discuss this matter, mindful of the fact it is my intention to be accompanied by my trade union representative Mr J Molloy of OILC/RMT I look forward to hearing from you in this regard. 

Sign the letter and date it, copy it and keep a copy, then get it sent to the HR Manager First Class recorded delivery. Keep the union informed.

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