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My main role is as a dive tech on DSVs. I actually work through an agency and I have had very little to complain about over the last 5 1/2 years.

I used to work for ISS, but got so fed up with the pettiness of the bosses spending pounds to save pennies, and always to my detriment, that I voted with my feet. Within a week of joining the agency I was on a far better rate and better conditions than I had been on the ISS project.

At present I am working for Technip, and I understand Ill soon be working for Subsea 7.

I occasionally get a gripe from some of the lads I work with saying bloody agency but with most of the lads, I have known them over the last 25 or 30 years and they would moan anyway. By and large I have a good working relationship with the people I work with.

I am coming to the end of my career now, but have, by and large found the job quite rewarding. I take it seriously and feel I normally have something positive to add to any system. I do get frustrated with the generally poor regard the office hold offshore employees in. Quite often the only people we have any dealings with are the people organising flights for us.

I am slightly heartened by the training some of the companies are offering. On the other hand I think it is probably because they have been forced to do it due to the lack of a well trained workforce to pick from in general. That and the fact that several of us are starting to hang up our rig boots, or fall off the perch.


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