Right to Strike?

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I am at present floating as a sub eng for Subsea 7. My last posting was West Africa. I am in favour of strike action to stand up for the rights of the mass workforce. However 1 see problems arising from the fact we work in small unit.

A: We can easily be substituted with another squad.

B: Unless all members of the team on board the vessel are union members willing to take action then work will progress unhindered and the efforts undermined.

It will also mean if one of the team refuses to work this will be reported to the office and action will be taken against this person. This does not have to be termination of employment.

They have other means of making life hard the bad jobs in bad locations restricting work opportunities, ie leaving people at home for long periods or overworking them etc.

Strike action would only be relevant if whole teams stand down and the job is affected as I believe happened in the divers' case. Otherwise we could just hurt our position within the company and also the company's reputation, losing contracts to other ROV

Companies resulting in job losses for SS7 employees anyway.

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