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I am currently employed with Subsea 7 as an ROV Pilot Technician on a pipelay vessel. We are currently working in the Gulf of Mexico offshore of the United States, we are due to shortly return to work from Brazil. Our work scope for the next year involves us working out of Brazil, Angola and the US. I have been employed by Subsea 7 for the last 3 years, with the last 12 months being a 'salaried' employee, and the previous 2 years were on a day rate basis. Recently I heard the news coming from the Seven Seas about a member of the ROV team being replaced by Filipino trainees, and this prompted me to immediately join the
RMT and stop putting it off as I had been for a number of months now. There are also several others who have renewed their membership or joined afresh today on my vessel alone. We're currently trying to push as many of the guys into joining up, as the company has only one thing on its mind, and that's to get us to train up our low cost replacements then dump us when we have served our purpose. This is a very serious concern to me as the entire rigging crew aboard the Seven Oceans has just been replaced by Filipino Trainees. I would like you to add me to you mailing list so I can be kept informed about the issues that are arising, and if
you could also add the ROV address to the mailing list this will allow those who have not already joined to see what is happening, and hopefully do the right thing and sign up.


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