Subsea 7 Show Contempt

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Sadly it does not surprise me that Subsea7 choose to treat RMT with the same contempt that they are showing towards what has been a very dedicated and committed workforce over many years.

It disappoints me to see that the present layer of upper management, which has been in place for a relatively short period of time, appear to have no concept of the ill feeling and despondency that their present policies are generating amongst the workforce; or simply do not care!

If they continue with this policy of having little or no regard for the workforce that make them a successful company, then it will not be long before they generate an attitude of militancy, and will force workers to take strike action to gain their attention. Ignoring communications from the workforce via OILC & the RMT will not make the problem go away.

The greater majority of the S7 workforce have no intention of allowing S7 to displace them from their jobs by Social Dumping, nor to tacitly support S7 in the cynical exploitation of Filipino workers on extremely low wages and truly dreadful contract terms.

These are good and hardworking people struggling to support their families and educate their children, it is simply neither ethical nor morally acceptable for S7, in their greed, to so ruthlessly exploit them.

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