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We have been discussing Subsea7's silence. Some sort of response to the open letter would be polite even if it said "Butt out peasants" The general opinion here is it was sneered at and deleted. It makes me wonder if it was received at the right level of management. Did we fire it off to the right person? Has it been sent to someone who has actually got the balls to reply? Has it been read at the highest level?

I find the actions of these obnoxious people, who have walked in off the golf course, into the boardroom and offices of our once proud, happy, successful and stable company with, apparently, the sole intent of maximising profits then selling at the top of the market with an extremely large pay off totally deplorable. How dare they treat our people this way? (Our office staff live in terror on a daily basis too!) The threat culture is offensive and has no place in 2009. And this is in the name of "Globalisation"!

On that note, my vessel alone, this last 2 years, we have seen more than twenty four (24) nations represented on our team. That's "globalisation" not the hiring of slave labour!

It is apparent the top dogs are hiding behind a shield of threat delivered by underlings who also fear for their livelihoods. I hope that someone has/had the courage to speak out on our behalf at December's town hall meeting! And if you did ....? I hope you find work soon!

Member W003167

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