Subsea Foreign Workers

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I and several other members were not balloted, and I would be interested to know how members were selected for ballot.

I personally would not like to strike, as I feel this would merely drive clients away from SS7 to other ROV companies, most of whom seem to treat their employees even worse.

As for employing foreign workers, most of Subsea7s operations are not in the North Sea, so it’s a bit rich us complaining about foreign workers when WE are the foreign workers most of the time.


Member 0118717

Jake Molloy, Regional Organiser, replies:
Apologies colleague, we have a job of work to do sorting our database to identify people for referendums such as the Subsea one. It was a good exercise though, there's clearly support for the creation of a ROV agreement. The matter will now be discussed at National level to determine the best strategy for moving forward.

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