OILC-RMT to debate COTA rejection: 16 August


The Offshore Energy Branch invites all members to the above branch meeting. High on the agenda for discussion will be the recent rejection by our Catering members of the proposed COTA pay offer. Branch Officials and members will discuss the current situation and we would advise all Catering members in particular to attend the above meeting if they are available, where they will have the chance to question our Regional Organiser, Jake Molloy, who heads up the COTA negotiating team.
Further items on the agenda will be; an update on the NRB situation; issues around the Deepwater Horizon incident; a review of our publications Blowout and Enough is Enough; and details of an election process which is about to begin, for the position of Assistant National Secretary for Shipping/Offshore. If any member would like to stand for this position, could they contact the Branch Secretary on 01224 210118 for further information.
We hope to have the current Assistant National Secretary in attendance to answer questions on his role in the Offshore Energy Sector and to explain to members why the Offshore Energy Branch should nominate him for a second term of office. The Offshore Energy Branch is the biggest Branch in the RMT, we advise all members to use their Democratic vote in these forthcoming elections to the fullest effect. Only through Democracy can the Offshore Energy Branch have a effective voice within the RMT.
Fraternally, Offshore Energy Branch Secretary

For your further guidance here is the Regional Organiser's communication regarding COTA rejection dated 23 July 2010
COTA 2010-23.7.10

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